Shakespeare performance amazing

Editor, Commonwealth:

I am writing to give a hat’s off to the entire company of the Greenwood Shakespeare Project 2017.

My wife, Rachel, and I attended the Thursday, Aug. 3 evening performance at the Greenwood Little Theatre and were blown away by the energy, creativity and artistry of the evening. We laughed, we cried and at one point we even got chills from the generous air conditioning!

The show was beautiful in the sampling of various Shakespeare scenes by the talented young people but also in the musical interludes between scenes skillfully staffed by Ben Arnold and Lane Thompson.

I have heard a frequent grumble in Greenwood about not having a movie theater, and that would be nice, I agree. However, next year when the Shakespeare performances come around, I would encourage anyone who hasn’t been to attend and celebrate this display of homegrown talent. The $5 ticket is well worth the cost.

I would also encourage those who have experienced the wonder of this project to support it through donations, volunteering and spreading the word so it can continue to provide a great opportunity for youth and excellent local entertainment.

With the overlap in schedule of Bikes, Blues & Bayous the same weekend, I can only imagine the buzz in the future as more and more bikers come to town for a great ride and go back home sharing about an encounter with Shakespeare.

To director Steve Iwanski, ArtPlace Mississippi, the actors, the Little Theatre and to the many involved in myriad ways ... amazing job!

Dan Splaingard

Alicia Dallas