Smokey Joe’s Cafe (2013)

Smokey Joe’s Cafe (2013)

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For more than 64 years, Greenwood Little Theatre has led the way in bringing local talent together to provide a quality, accessible and affordable theatre experience for the community, by the community. With a mission to enrich lives by providing quality volunteer produced live theatre, Greenwood Little Theatre offers meaningful opportunities for artists and audiences of all ages.

We work hard at creating a theatrical experience that will be inspirational and educational, and have a positive influence on and within the community. Greenwood Little Theatre is an important part of the Arts and Cultural experience that makes local communities better places in which to live, work and raise families.

We hope you’ll join us, and help keep live theater a part of Greenwood’s creative atmosphere! Please consider the membership options available. We know you’ll find one just right for you.

Standard Membership Levels

All standard membership levels include:

  • One season ticket to each mainstage show in the 2019/20 season

  • Invitation to Annual Meeting

  • Regular communication via postal mail and email newsletter

$50 Member

For adults over 21 years old

$40 Senior Citizen

For Adults 65 years and older

$20 Student Membership

For children and youths 21 years and under

$20 Introductory Membership

For first-time members of all ages directly involved in a GLT production