GLT Presents Charming Romantic Comedy


Greenwood Little Theatre’s production of “Almost, Maine” is sweet, bittersweet and laugh-out-loud funny.

Directed by Alicia Dallas, the play opens at 7 tonight at the W.M. Whittington Jr. Playhouse.

The play is set on a mid-winter night in a small unincorporated area of rural northern Maine called Almost.

It features a series of vignettes surrounding the theme of love that all are occurring simultaneously.

“Almost, Maine” shows relationships in all forms — falling in love, blissfully in love, unrequited love, friendship that unexpectedly turns into more, an instant connection felt between strangers and even when love is no longer felt between a couple.

These matters of the heart are presented in a whimsical way that adds tons of charm.

Each scene is capped with the northern lights brightly shining in the sky.

The play features mostly two-person scenes, and the eight “Almost, Maine” actors all deliver perfect comedic timing with witty banter, word play, and thoughtful dialogue.

Written by John Cariani, the clever and insightful script includes a woman who returns all the love given to her, which is in large, red bags; a broken heart kept inside a brown paper lunch bag; the other shoe literally dropping; and a kiss that awakens senses never felt before.

While it’s all happening in the same almost-town at the same time, each scene is unique.

The play could not come together as well as it does without a talented cast featuring locals, teenagers, an Episcopal pastor, new faces and longtime GLT performers. In their puffy coats, sweaters, gloves and scarfs, the cast showcases the reality of the many sides of love.

The audience is sure to enjoy this play not only for the humor but also because it is so relatable. Anyone who is in love or has ever been in love will see themselves in one — or maybe even more than one — of the scenes.

Love is exciting and blissful and scary and sometimes doesn’t always have a happy ending, but in “Almost, Maine” its many facets are absolutely charming.

Dallas was 100% right when she said last week that this play is perfect for a date night.

It’ll also be enjoyable for anyone who likes humor, romance or a good production put on by members of your community.

Set aside some time on the day of any performance, grab your significant other, best friend or maybe even a first date, and head over to the W.M. Whittington Jr. Playhouse for a delightful evening of theater.

The show is free for current Greenwood Little Theatre members. Tickets for non-members cost $10 for students (age 21 and younger) and $15 for adults. Visit or call or text (662) 947-1075 to reserve seats.

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