No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre

October 5-8, 2017

Sarte’s famous existentialist play follows three people to a room in hell, where their torture is revealed to be each other’s company. Three damned souls, Cradeau, Inez, and Estelle, are brought to a lavish room to await their punishment. While they expected some sort of torture chamber to punish them in the afterlife, they instead begin to realize where the true torment really lies. Their constant arguing finally has Cradeau state the famous line: “Hell is other people”.

Meet the Actors

Taylor Kent Buchanan

J.T. Hurst (Vincent Cradeau) Is a Greenwood native, and this is his acting debut, though he is no stranger at the GLT. He was in charge of sound effects during Suddenly Last Summer. J.T. can’t wait to get involved again at the GLT.

Katelin Roberts (Estelle Delaunay) is a veteran of the Greenwood Little Theatre and she is excited to be on the stage again. She has been seen on stage in such productions as Beauty and The Beast, Three by Tennessee, Gypsy, Into the Woods, and Rumors. When Katelin is not on the stage she enjoys participating behind the scenes in such productions as Ring of Fire, Dearly Beloved, Breakfast Club, and Godspell.

Marlon Collins

Rachel Hurst (Valet) is a twenty year old college student, majoring in nursing. This is her first time on stage, playing the valet in No Exit. She is also a customer service consultant at Cannon Motor Company.

Rayne Guerra

Cheryl Weiss (Inez Seranno) is a native of North Providence, Rhode Island. A voice instructor at Coahoma Community College, Cheryl has enjoyed a great deal of national performing experience. She has an MFA in Vocal Performance from University of California, Irvine, and a PhD in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Idaho. For GLT, Cheryl has graced our stage in The Good Doctor, Into the Woods, On Golden Pond, and 84, Charing Cross Road.

About the Director

Nichole Henry

“I am so thrilled to be back in my home at the GLT. No Exit is a very special show to me and I couldn’t have a better cast and crew to help me bring it to life. I would like to thank my cast and crew for seeing my vision and thinking I’m not too crazy. A very special thanks to Taylor Buchanan, Bobby Vandevender, and Will Perkins. Now watch, reflect, laugh and enjoy.”

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