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Scene Fest is a magical night of theater

Aug 3, 2018

This year’s Shakespeare Summer Scene Fest theme is fantasy, and it is indeed a magical night of theater.

The cast is a mixture of veteran performers and newcomers, and the scenes are well cast, playing on the strengths of each actor.

Before the performance, the director, Steve Iwanski, who leads the Greenwood Shakespeare Project, tells the audience “everything you are seeing on the stage” was made by the cast members — they are not only talented actors and actresses but they also created the set and made many of their costumes and props.


Thoughtful 1-act plays filled with laughs

Jun 15, 2018

Greenwood Little Theatre’s current show of linked one-act plays, “Laundry and Bourbon” and “Lone Star,” on stage through Sunday, makes you laugh and makes you think.

The characters, created by playwright James McClure, are painted with bold strokes, and there’s not a wasted line of dialogue in these tight domestic comedies that probe into sacred territory: What makes us who we are? What can we rely on in this life? Why are we always looking elsewhere for answers rather than inside ourselves? What endures?

Kicking off a rousing evening at the theater is “Laundry and Bourbon,” the story of Elizabeth, Hattie and Amy Lee, three women sipping bourbon throughout an afternoon’s visit. The play encapsulates rising surface tension between two rivals, Hattie and Amy Lee, that ends hilariously and is underscored by the internal conflict of the third, Elizabeth, waiting for her husband Roy, a Vietnam vet gone missing for two days, to return home.


Talented cast gives dazzling performance

Mar 2, 2018

The opening-night performance of “Dreamgirls” at Greenwood Little Theatre Thursday proved that with enough talent and hard work, dreams can indeed come true.

Directed by Mississippi Valley State University music professor and musician Alphonso Sanders, the play and its well-known film adaptation are a bit soft on plot and character development but solid on musical content that this cast, made up largely of Valley students, delivered with style, humor and determination.

“Dreamgirls” tells the story of a 1960s girl group, the Dreamettes, its climb to stardom and the detour of one of its members, Effie, who struggles but ultimately finds her own way.

Covering the span of nearly a decade, the play also delves into the nature of the popular music industry that often sacrifices artistic vision for wider commercial appeal.


Beautifully written play features talented duo

November 3, 2017

In today’s world of emails and text messages, “Love Letters” showcases the dying art of letter writing in a nostalgia-inducing romance.

Greenwood Little Theatre’s production of the A.R. Gurney play is directed by Cham Trotter, who also will star in the show tonight.

The play’s Thursday evening debut featured husband and wife Ted and Freda MacIntosh, both veteran Little Theatre performers.

With the red curtain closed, the duo sat at a desk at the edge of the stage and flawlessly read the letters of two childhood friends. Ted played Andy Ladd, while Freda played Melissa Gardner.


‘No Exit’ cast delivers in GLT debut

October 6, 2017

Greenwood Little Theatre’s “No Exit” opened Thursday evening and enthralled the audience attending with drama mixed with some comedy.

The powerful play offers a unique view of hell, which features an eternity of agony minus the common idea of physical torture.

At 7:30 p.m., the play began and the audience is introduced to Vincent Cradeau (J.T. Hurst), who has just arrived in hell. Welcoming him is the valet (Rachel Hurst), who shows Cradeau to his room. Rather than fire and torture devices, Cradeau’s room in hell features blue walls, “hideous” furniture, a bricked-up window and a statue that won’t move sitting atop a marble fireplace.

Shortly after Cradeau settles in, he is surprised when the valet brings two women to the room, as well. First walks in is Inez Seranno (Cheryl Weiss), who immediately is rubbed the wrong way by Cradeau.


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